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Why Outshine?


The modern marketing leader faces a world of new challenges.

A shift in focus from branding and awareness to performance marketing and outcomes; misalignment between sales and marketing teams; little insight into type and quality of leads; an incomplete marketing roadmap. 

These are the most common issues facing our clients today. And for most of them, the solution isn’t more technology, more staff, or even more budget—it’s a reconciliation of strategy and execution.

This is where Outshine comes in.

We guide clients through the landscape of modern marketing challenges and opportunities, showing them where to steer, which pitfalls to avoid, and where to test and experiment.

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We work with B2B SaaS and enterprise companies to accelerate revenue growth. Technology is what fuels our work—we’re constantly developing new ways to use digital advertising, analytics, and attribution to help our clients make better business decisions.

Our Work

Outshine helps CMOs and marketing teams by providing strategic Marketing Operations oversight and implementation aimed at driving revenue, including:


Closed-loop reporting that ties marketing to revenue


Revenue-optimized advertising at targeted stages throughout the funnel


Lead generation and customer insight from Lead to Closed/Won

Guidance on martech selection, data architecture, and marketing automation



Andrew Breen President

With over 10 years dedicated to the craft, Andrew knows how to advertise for growth. Overseeing Marketing Strategy at Outshine, he works with clients to fuel tangible results: crafting advertising campaigns that focus on the revenue drivers specific to each of our clients, and guiding them in their use of modern advertising and marketing technologies.


Joel Burke Partner

With a background in data and analysis, Joel helps marketing leaders tie their teams’ work directly to revenue. Overseeing Marketing Operations at Outshine, he works with executives around the world to track and improve pipeline throughout the funnel while establishing a clear and fulsome view of marketing within the organization.



Emily Stephen Director, Operations

Emily has been working in digital marketing since 2011. Drawing on years of agency experience, she knows what it takes to establish a great brand. Today, Emily is responsible for Operations at Outshine, overseeing our brand development and application across all employee experience, marketing, and community efforts.


Let’s talk about your revenue growth strategy. 


Find out how you can generate more leads & close more sales.

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