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Outshine partners with The Corcoran Group to use Facebook Advertising and enriched Google Analytics data to help high-net-worth individuals find homes they love.

Opportunity & Approach

New York’s largest residential real estate firm needed a forward-thinking partner to optimize and improve customer acquisition via social media advertising.

Outshine is driven by the idea that digital advertising can be done better. We work across all online channels to find what’s best for each of our clients. This platform-agnostic approach allows us to hone in on exactly what’s working.




Improvement in cost per lead for New York's largest residential real estate firm.


As their chosen partner, we:

  • Analyze historic Google Analytics and Facebook data to identify opportunities to better target high-networth individuals.

  • Enrich Google Analytics with housing property data, allowing custom audience segmentation and advertising targeting by property price range, type, and more.

  • Work with The Corcoran Group’s technology and marketing teams to improve measurement and reporting for their sales agents.

"Outshine immediately and dramatically improved our ROAS, but the real benefit in partnering with them has been their relentless drive to optimize.”


Lindsay Rapoport,
Director of Digital Marketing
– The Corcoran Group


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